Women should keep this hairstyle in summer, it will not feel hot, style will also remain intactImage Credit source: Instagram/@deepikapadukone

In the summer season, there is a lot of trouble due to heat stroke, sunlight and sweating. Our main focus is on avoiding the heat and we are not able to work on our health, skin as well as fashion. Tries to look fashionable but the stickiness from the heat puts the mood in a bad mood all the time. Here we are going to talk about how women can keep hairstyles in summer. Most of the people keep any kind of hair style in summer and they are troubled by sweating or other problems.

Due to this, hair fall, lifeless appearance and even dryness occurs in them. Most of the women have long hair and it is bound to feel hot in them. Here we are going to tell some hairstyles of the actress, which along with giving a stylish look will also save from the heat.

sleek ponytail

Actress Deepika Padukone is considered a style queen or fashion icon because of her glamorous style. This look of the actress is also looking quite stunning. Here we are talking about the hairstyle of Husn Ki Pari Deepika. In this, she has carried the sleek ponytail hairstyle. This style that makes the hair stylish also protects from the heat to a great extent. Along with this, this look will also make you attractive.

sleek bun

In this hairstyle, a bun is made just above the head. In this, the hair is tied tightly so that it does not spread. Due to this, the heat is less and also you can complete your work without getting worried. Many hairstylists have agreed that women feel lighter with this hairstyle in summer.

messy bun

In summer, we feel more hot due to long hair and the mind also becomes irritable. You can carry the messy bun hairstyle in summer like Deepika Padukone. This relaxed feeling hairstyle is common and it is also easy to carry. The messy bun hairstyle suits well on the kurta look. There are many types in this too, in which upper, lower and mid messi buns are common.

french braid hairstyle

In this way the hairstyle is started from the top of the head. First of all, the hair is moved forward by lifting the demand dice and then the braid is made by lifting the hair from the left and right side of the head. This hairstyle looks great on long hair. Both heat and style can be taken care of by adopting this hairstyle in any event or party.

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