Paco explains that Supreme court Ne Kejriwal government what power has given to, Appeal, order, effect and what will happen next, in short, a complete account of the Supreme Order on Rights in Delhi,

Garbage e ball we have to run, now game key Last two balls left, but rubbish he misses a ball, Then Bhuvan says that five runs in one ball otherwise pay three times the rent, of all Life You have garbage in your hands, do something, but that ball Last Does not happen and was converted with the help of one run leaving the batsmen on no force, Again the diamond of the film Aamir Khan Last Hitting the ball for a four wins the match, Year This scene of the 2001 film Lagaan, about which we were telling you, But you must be saying that why are we mentioning this today., So let us tell you that as soon as the rights in Delhi Supreme court Of Decision Aaya, the Aam Aadmi Party expressed its happiness by sharing the dialogue of the film Lagaan, on rights in delhi Decision Party leaders including Kejriwal after Supreme court thanking the judges of, of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal tweeting spoke that to do justice to the people of Delhi the Hon. Supreme court thank you very much, This Decision The pace of development of Delhi will increase manifold, democracy won, In fact, in the national capital officers Who will have control over this cases But Supreme court Delhi government In favor of Decision recited, Delhi government has got the right of transfer, posting, as well as Supreme court has Decision clean in spoke that the authority of the center Only limited to police, public and land, So let us tell you that Supreme court Ne Kejriwal government what power has given to, Appeal, order, effect and what will happen next, in short, a complete account of the Supreme Order on Rights in Delhi,

how did it happen confrontation Beginning of

Assembly in Delhi and government to provide a framework for the functioning of the National Capital Territory of Delhi government (GNCTD) Act 1991 is applicable, Year Center in 2021 government In section 21 of the Delhi Act Change done which says that in Delhi government means lieutenant governor, Whereas in section 44 also big Change Is, Delhi government or any made by the Assembly Decision seeking the opinion of the Lieutenant Governor before the implementation of Important Will be done,

Kejriwal reached the Supreme Court

National Capital Territory of Delhi government (GNCTD) in amendment to the Act spoke Provided that in any law made by the Legislature of the State government shall mean the Lieutenant Governor, Basically Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi on this sentence government To Oppose Was, This is what the Aam Aadmi Party Supreme court challenged in, Kejrival government has Supreme court Delhi’s elected representatives in all other matters, except for some matters like land and police in the capital. government should have supremacy, Also Delhi government Of Speak was that the IAS to run the administration of the Union Territory officers state on government should have full control,

Supreme Court what happened in

In whose hands are the services in Delhi, important legal Question But Supreme court Of Decision narrated, Kejriwal regarding the right to services in Delhi government has Supreme court To a large extent what I argued Court agree to it, Supreme court has Decision I also drew a big line so that who will be the boss of Delhi in future. Question Center and Delhi government among Controversy situation should not arise, Supreme court unanimously Decision telling spoke That LG cannot have wide administrative powers on all issues related to Delhi, Supreme court has spoke That officers posting and transfer authority of Delhi government will have, chosen government Should have the right to administrative service, to the lieutenant governor government Did Opinion have to agree, The authority of police, public order and land will remain with the center.,

What happened on Article 239AA?

supreme Court also clarified a lot on Article 239AA of the Constitution, Delhi till now government And the centers used to interpret in their own way and the difference remained, In the same article 239 there is authority for Union Territories and AA has been specially added for Delhi., Supreme court has cleared spoke Is that Article 239AA has given many rights to the Delhi Legislative Assembly, But it has also been said about the balance of powers with the center,

what happened before

Earlier Chief Justice DY Chandrachud Representation Wali Bench after hearing on January 18 Decision was kept safe, Solicitor General on behalf of the Center issues pleaded to be sent to a larger bench, Whereas, Delhi government Of Speak that State or Union Territory (UT) until Correct cannot function properly unless he has services in hand, This issues In Supreme court Briefly presented the arguments put forth by the various parties in the debates held in, Chief Justice’s Representation The matter was referred to a five-judge bench of, The matter was referred to the Constitutional Bench on 6 May 2022., The then Chief Justice N.,V, Raman’s Representation the bench with spoke was that Justice Chandrachud Representation bench with issues woke up in Question will hear on, Only Services issues Who has control over me matters got up on Question refer to a constitutional bench,

2 judges in the case different Was not

supreme Court On February 14, 2019, a two-judge bench of Decision The two judges had different views on who should have administrative control in Delhi., This issues In Decision to constitute a three-judge bench for issues was referred to the Chief Justice, The Center argued that issues be referred to a larger bench, to lg More The law of 2021 of the Center to give rights will also be implemented in Delhi. government challenged by,

Constitutional Bench decision of 4 July 2018

supreme Court The Constitutional Bench of Decision In spoke was that LG would not operate independently, If if there is an exception issues can refer to the President and who Decision the president will take it and act on it, that is Self Any Decision will not have,

referred four times

Since 2007, such an opportunity has come four times in which Delhi government and LG had a difference of opinion and the matter was referred to the President,

What will be the effect after the decision?

of Delhi except Police, Public Order and Land government of other states near government kind of rights, Delhi government officers Will be able to make postings and transfers on its own, Delhi government to every Decision to take LG’s permission for Need won’t happen, Like any other state, the Lieutenant Governor government Did Opinion have to agree, Its Excessive To all Necessary That the issues on which there is no central law now, the elected government can make laws,

What are the options available with the Centre?

supreme Court has shown the Lakshman Rekha to the Lieutenant Governor, Court Of Decision center to government big blow to be told Used to be, though the center government Supreme court Of Decision Of Against Can file review petition, Can appeal to send it to a larger bench, -Akash Akash

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