75-Year-Old Man Kills Paralysed Wife, Later Dies By Suicide In Kolkata | Representative Image

Kolkata, November 21: A 75-year-old man jumped to death from the roof of his apartment complex here on Tuesday after killing his paralysed wife. The victims were identified as Amulya Samaddar and Geeta Samaddar (60). The police was informed by residents of the apartment complex after they saw the Amulya Samaddar’s body on the ground in a pool of blood.

The police first shifted Amulya Samaddar to the hospital

Upon reaching the spot, the police first shifted Amulya Samaddar to the hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival. After this, the personnel broke open the lock to the couple’s residence and found Geeta’s body.

The deceased couple had two daughters

Initial investigation suggests that she was killed by a sharp weapon. According to the neighbours, the deceased couple had two daughters, both of whom are married.

Amulya was responsible for Geeta’s daily care

Although the daughters came frequently to meet their parents, Amulya was responsible for Geeta’s daily care. The neighbours told the police that he had been worried for while on how to bear the long-term expenditure for treatment of his long-ailing wife, who was also detected with heart ailments.

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