Photo: Bengali film actress Sucharita Biswas.Image Credit source: Tv 9 Bharatvarsh

Kolkata. A divorced model and actress in West Bengal has accused her husband of domestic violence. this event South 24 Parganas K belongs to Narendrapur. Model and actress named Sucharita Biswas has already Narendrapur Police Station Complaint has been lodged in Sucharita Biswas alleged that in her absence her ex Husband attacked the house. Threatened to kill his father and demanded two lakh rupees.

Please tell that Sucharita Biswas was married in 2011 to Pinaki Majumdar, a resident of Narendrapur, Srinagar. Both of them got divorced after four years. According to Sucharita, on Wednesday, May 10, Pinaki brought some people and attacked their house. The next day i.e. on Thursday also a similar attack was carried out. The door of the house was broken.

Sucharita said that she was not at home at that time. His mother Kalpana Vishwas and father Nimaichand Vishwas were in the house. He was also beaten up. Jewelery was stolen. Sucharita also alleged that she was forced to write a check of Rs 2 lakh to her parents.

Allegations of attack on the house of Tollywood actress The incident took place in Dhalua of Narendrapur police station area, a complaint has been lodged at Narendrapur police station. the police has started to investigate. There is an atmosphere of panic in the actress’s family due to the attack. He demanded strictest punishment for the culprits of this incident.

Bengali film actress accuses husband of assault, complaint filed

Regarding the incident, actress Sucharita Biswas said, “I had gone to South India for work. There my mother called and told that there was an attack on our house. My ex-husband Pinaki Mazumdar attacked. Came home and abused my mother in an indecent language. ,

She said, “I returned home after hearing this incident. Meanwhile, I had no contact with him after the divorce. I don’t know why he did this. They also threatened to expel us. I want him to get the harshest punishment.”

Nimaichand Vishwas alleged that Rs 2 lakh was forcibly written in the cheque. A complaint has been lodged in the Narendrapur police station on the night of 11th of this incident. Baruipur Police District DSP Mohit Mollah said that on the basis of the complaint, the police is investigating the matter.

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