Raipur. Voting for the second phase of Chhattisgarh Assembly has been completed. After which the Election Commission of India praised women taking command in the booths of Raipur North Assembly. Raipur district administration has given this information through its social media post.

While posting, the administration has written that- The Election Commission of India appreciated the innovative initiative of the District Administration Raipur. The Commission, through a press release, praised the successful completion of the responsibility of conducting elections by women in Raipur North Assembly.

Women took all the responsibilities

Let us tell you that for the first time in independent India, women took the responsibility of elections in the entire assembly. In 201 polling stations in the area, everyone from the presiding officer to the polling officer were women. For this huge task, 804 women were directly entrusted with the responsibility and about 200 women were kept in reserve.

The observer of this assembly was also a woman IAS officer Vimala R. His liaison officer was also a woman. In most of the booths, the responsibility of security was also the responsibility of women. From checking slips to getting signatures in the register to applying ink on fingers, the work was entirely the responsibility of women. The same number of women were presiding officers in 201 booths and there were 603 polling officers.

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