Ship Hijack Video: Yemen’s Houthi rebels have hijacked a cargo ship in the Red Sea. The crew of this ship has been taken hostage. This entire incident took place in the middle of the sea. Yemen has released a video. A helicopter is seen landing on top of the ship and within moments Houthi rebels descend with guns and take over the position. These people reach the entry gate of the ship and start firing.

This is how the whole incident happened

It is seen in this video that first he takes the driver hostage. Then they take the ship forward. Some boats are also seen passing nearby. The rebel group Houthis are supported by Iran. This entire incident happened on Sunday, in which Houthi rebels landed by helicopter on the cargo ship ‘Galaxy Leader’ going in the middle of the sea. They took 25 crew members hostage and hijacked the entire ship. With this they reached a port in Yemen. The Houthis issued a statement claiming responsibility for the hijacking of the ship.

Houthi spokesperson threatened

Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam tweeted on Sunday that the hijacking was “just the beginning” and that naval strikes would continue until Israel ends its Gaza campaign.

Israel replied

In response to which, a post from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Israel strongly condemns the Iranian attack on an international ship. Another post wrote that, this is another case of Iranian terrorism and it was considered the most serious incident for the whole world. However, Iran has denied these allegations.

Houthis had threatened earlier also

Yemen’s Houthi rebels threatened an Israeli ship on Sunday. According to the report, Houthi rebels have threatened to target ships owned and operated by an Israeli company. The Houthi rebels also threatened that any ship flying the Israeli flag would be set on fire. A spokesman for the Houthi rebels called on all countries to recall those operating such vessels.

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