Imphal: Since the violence in Manipur in the past Indian army fully alert and Area Did vision Still working, no army Only keeping an eye on the hinterland but India Myanmar border as well as entire Manipur vision leaving no stone unturned to, You can clearly see in the video footage how the army is air-striking the upper areas of Imphal. vision Still working, this whole Area round the clock through unmanned aircraft in vision Its being done,

‘People are returning to their homes’

A total of 130 ‘columns’ of the Indian Army and Assam Rifles continue to remain in the affected areas., Earlier in a statement the army spoke ‘The Indian Army along with the Assam Rifles strengthened the security infrastructure. Necessary has been radically reshaped and a number of resources have been harnessed, especially in the backdrop of the prevailing security situation in Manipur. Use Has been done, due to which the situation seems to be normalizing and people are now returning to their homes., The task of reuniting the stranded people with their loved ones start It is done,,

‘There is no tension left in monitoring’
Army in a statement spoke Was, ‘Indian Army Only in the hinterland but also in the areas along the Indo-Myanmar border vision leaving no stone unturned to, Round the clock surveillance through unmanned aircraft, Mi 17 of the Indian Air Force and Army And Deployment of Cheetah helicopters and ground level regional Foot patrolling and flag marches are being resorted to to restore confidence among the people.,,

‘Don’t pay attention to any rumours’
In the statement, the army also urged people not to fall prey to “malicious attempts to disturb social harmony through misinterpretation or misrepresentation of facts” as “anti-elements are once again resorting to dissemination of malicious unverified material”. Effort can do,the army spoke was that Indian army and Assam Rifles are committed to restore complete normalcy at the earliest,

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