Twitter is finally going to get a new CEO after a long time., Twitter’s current CEO Elon Musk on Thursday spoke that they’ve found a new CEO for the social media platform, Although he hasn’t revealed her name, but according to Musk’s tweet, she is someone Woman going to happen,

Twitter’s new CEO has arrived

Musk in a tweet spoke that “I’m very excited to announce that X/Twitter now has a new CEO, that 6 weeks In start Will do!” Musk has spoke that he will step down as CEO and serve as executive chairperson and CTO of Products, Software and Sysops,

Tesla will get a boost

This Speak It will not be wrong at all that this step of Musk will bring relief to Tesla investors. chances is, because Musk was constantly giving a lot of his time to Twitter, Its Excessive Musk also runs a rocket company SpaceX, This news Tesla shares in volume spike after 2.4 per cent Did Growth happened,

Musk in November spoke He was looking for a CEO to run the social media company to reduce his time on Twitter, although he had never named a candidate before.,

Twitter had changed

As the new Twitter CEO in October, the Tesla owner and billionaire replaced the first two weeks with speed Change did, He first spoke to the then CEO of Twitter, Parag Agarwal and other senior officers was removed from office, Then in November about half of Twitter’s employees job was pulled from,

Elon Musk spoke that they bought Twitter to prevent it from becoming a hub of hate and division, they also spoke was that they spam bots on twitter End do,

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