Twitter’s CEO will now be a woman. Elon Musk announced this last night. He said Twitter has found a new CEO. He has chosen a woman for this. She will join the company in the next 6 weeks. Although Musk has not mentioned their names. Musk tweeted that he himself would be executive chairman and chief technology officer of Twitter. Musk had been looking for a CEO for Twitter for a long time.

He had asked people through a poll in December last year whether he should step down as CEO. On this poll, 57.5 percent people had advised to leave the post. After this Musk said that as soon as I get someone for this job, I will resign.

Elon Musk tweeted that he is pleased to announce that he has appointed Twitter’s new CEO. She will take over her responsibility in 6 weeks. I am going to resign as CEO. Will now serve as Twitter’s executive chairman and chief technology officer. Musk will also oversee products and software later. Musk said early on that he had no plans to remain at the helm of Twitter and that he planned to reduce his time commitment.

Earlier on Thursday, Twitter launched the encrypted DM (personal message) feature to secure the messaging facility on the platform. The service is the first step in its goal of supporting end-to-end encrypted messaging. However, there are several limitations associated with this. The company said that only verified users can start encrypted chats, while Twitter does not currently support encrypted group messages on the app.

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