Nowadays everyone has vehicles but not all people have complete knowledge about vehicles. Many times you must have seen that some numbers like this 225/50R 17 87V are written on the tires of the car. Seeing these numbers, a question has arisen in your mind that why this number is written on every tire of the car. What is the reason behind writing them and what is the benefit.

Please tell that to check the top speed of the tyre, you can also check with the tyre. Today we will tell you the big reason behind these numbers written on the tire and how you can check the top speed of the car by looking at the tyre.

What do the numbers on the tire mean?

The numbers written on the tire of the car tell us the size of the tire, how wide, what is the height of the tire, what is the height and which rim it can fit, what is the top speed the tire offers and its load carrying capacity. How much is it?

Find out the top speed from the numbers written on the tire

Now if you want to check by looking at the tyre, for what top speed it is good or what is the maximum top speed, then you should look at the last alphabet of the number written on the tyre. Different alphabets represent different top speeds. Like- V means top speed of 240kmph or if Y is written then it is correct for speed up to 300kmph.

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