This government portal will give complete information about every product from AC, fridge to home, this is how you can complain about defective goods

There are often such things in our household items, whose complete information or information about their parts is not known. In such a situation, when these goods get damaged, then on going to the shopkeeper, they charge an arbitrary price from us. But now this will not happen. Yes, with the help of the government, we can find out from the manufacturing of the parts of our defective goods to their cost. Let’s know how.

We have often seen that when our AC, TV or fridge gets damaged, the shopkeeper tells such a problem and price in it that instead of getting it repaired, we buy a new one. But now with the help of the government’s Right to Repair portal, you can know the cost of the parts of your product and you will not be fooled by the shopkeepers.

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This is how you can know the price of the part of the product

If any of your goods has been damaged and you want to know the cost of its parts, then first of all you have to go to the Right to Repair portal of the government. Here you can know from the manufacturing date of your goods to expiry and the cost of each part. Let us tell you, many companies including Kent, Howells, LG are registered on the Right to Repair portal. On this portal, you can get information about your old and old defective products.

This is how you can complain about bad goods

  1. First of all go to the Right to Repair portal.
  2. Now go to the Consumer Durable section by going to the Product Segment here.
  3. Now suppose your fridge is of LG company, then the list of companies will come in front of you.
  4. You click on LG. Now click on the fridge and proceed further.
  5. Now you have to enter the details of your product and proceed further.
  6. After this, the details related to your product will appear in front of you.
  7. Now you can register your problem here.

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