Video Game Activities: If To you too online If you like playing games, then it can become a source of income for you., Yes, in the day by day growing digital world everything Simplicity is possible from, Today we will introduce you to a person who online by playing games Year earning lakhs of rupees, resident of Jammu 44 Year by Ritu Slathia COVID-19 in time in 2020 online play games start did, He was introduced to the virtual world by his son,

4 lakh followers on gaming platform ‘Rooter’

Ritu online Earning one and a half lakh rupees annually by playing games, Today it has become their source of income., Known as ‘Blackbird’ in the ‘Gaming Community’, Slathia has four lakh followers on the gaming platform ‘Rooter’, Ritu was fond of playing video games since childhood., But they take it seriously now start did and it has become their source of income,

Studied till 12th only
During the conversation Ritu says ‘I More I am not educated, studied only till 12th, i like to play games, I start wanted to earn for myself since, When my son told me about online games, I started playing them. start done, Now I am earning for myself along with playing,Slathia has dedicated a room in her house in Netrikoti area of ​​Jammu for gaming related activities.,

‘I can play any game’
They spoke that they want to play ‘Candy Crush’ start did, Slowly she started playing ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’, Ritu has spoke To play all games at the behest of ‘Partners’ Attempt Did, Slathia said, ‘By playing games continuously, I came to know how to play them, i can play any game,‘ They spoke that their ‘partners’ call them ‘muma’, In these ‘partners’ mostly only children,

Slathia also has its own gaming channel on YouTube. start Is done, They spoke that his family has supported him through it all, Son Gaurav Singh said, ‘We never thought that he would get so much love from people,‘ To manage your business and play the Slathia game each day She takes out three to four hours and is earning up to Rs 1.5 lakh annually.,

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