Imran Khan Arrest News: economic, social and political on issues Clean the crisis is deepening, Neighbors after Imran Khan’s arrest Country Clean Civil war conditions have arisen in, However, Islamabad high Court in favor of Imran Khan Decision recounting his arrest Illegal told and ordered to release them but Clean Did government So much Soon in no mood to back down,

Imran Khan in trouble

Shahbaz Sharif immediately after the release of Imran Khan government organized a special meeting, of sources Speak is that the main of this meeting of Shahbaz Case Imran has to be controlled, According to media reports Clean government Imran Khan again Arrest can do, This time Imran can be put in the dock for 3 different cases,

What are those cases?

1. Toshkhana Case

Toshakhana Clean there is a government department in, in this department Clean the government of Personalities and those working in Pakistan officers Precious gifts received by, Imran Khan has been accused of reducing the gifts kept here. Value bought and sold at high prices, Year Europe and Arabia in 2018 nations Imran had received many gifts during his visit, which he went out and sold at a high price.,

2. Al Qadir Trust Case

Imran Khan, his wife Bushra Bibi, close aides Zulfikar Bukhari and Babar Awan formed a trust, Its name was Al Qadir Trust, This trust was formed to provide good education to the people., Its main objective was to establish a university, The land was donated for the establishment of the university, This issues Imran is accused of falsifying these land papers,

3. Woman insulting the judge

Third charge against Imran Khan Very is serious, Year In the month of March 2023, Imran Khan was accused of Woman threatened and insulted the judge, named jeba chaudhary Woman Imran threatening the judge spoke would see them,

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