Mumbai: An OTT platform has refused to release Bobby Deol’s film ‘Penthouse’. It is being told that the platform has said that the film has not been made as per the global standards of the platform, hence it will not be released.

Bobby Deol’s film ‘Penthouse’ is a psychological thriller. The story of this series revolves around six characters.

However, after watching the finished film, the OTT team felt that the film would not attract the audience. Hence, the film has been put on hold as they have refused to release it.

OTT platforms, which were stalled during the lockdown in India, are now taking action after spending crores of rupees on useless content. Many projects have been stopped, the budget of many projects has been reduced. Earlier, a film which had a big name associated with it was bought at a very high price, but now in most cases, the film is first released in theaters and its price is decided based on its numbers there. .

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