Tattoo Side Effects: Nowadays people adopt many methods to make themselves attractive. For this they keep doing various kinds of exploits. One of these is the hobby of getting tattoos. There are many types of tattoos, which are made on different parts of the body. Many people are very fond of getting tattoos. There is a craze for tattoos especially among the youth. If you are also fond of getting tattooed, then you must be aware of the harm it causes to the body. Yes, getting a tattoo on your body can make you attractive but it can also cause many harms to your body. Today in this article we will tell you about the harm caused by tattoos.

toxic ink

A study sponsored by the Australian government found that one in five tattoo inks contain carcinogenic chemicals, which can be very serious to health. Tattoo ink contains aluminum and cobalt. This can be very harmful for your skin.

damages muscles

If you are fond of getting tattoos done on your skin, then it can cause a lot of damage to your skin and muscles. In fact, there are some designs in which the needle pierces deep into your body. This causes a lot of damage to your muscles. Experts say that you should not get a tattoo done on that part of your body where there is a mole.

risk of hepatitis b

If you are going to get a tattoo then you should first get the hepatitis B vaccine. Always get a tattoo done by an expert. In fact, experts pay special attention to cleanliness and equipment. Apart from this, apply antibiotic cream on the tattooed area every day.

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