Sunny Leone has now made a special place for herself in the film industry. People want to see him. Recently, the actress looked very emotional. In fact, Sunny attended the 76th Cannes for her film Kennedy and her first debut, where her look was highly praised.

Everyone liked the style of the actress. Sunny shared her heart about reaching here and achieving a lot and during that time she also appeared very emotional. In his latest interview, talking about how he got the role of Charlie in Kennedy

Shares, ‘Even though I hadn’t auditioned in a long time, I was happy about delivering my lines but I was very nervous thinking what if they don’t like me?

The best thing happened when they started showing the film to people, while the film was in progress, people who had never spoken to me before were coming up to me and saying oh we got Kennedy. Observed and we really liked your share.

Even if I don’t get anything else from this festival, but he (Anurag Kashyap) has given me so much love, care and respect that I am forever grateful for it.

Many big Bollywood actresses have made headlines for walking the red carpet in Cannes this year, but Sunny Leone is the only one to attend the event with her film. Talking about this, he (Sunny Leone) said, ‘Anurag sir wanted me to be happy in a special way. I guess we all know those people who hide behind their laughs and smiles, who make you feel like everything is okay,

While they are breaking inside. I can relate to this. I understood his character. Whatever has happened to me in the last 10 years, judgments and comments… people look at me and think I am very confident. The actress shared a lot in her latest interview, which is fast going viral.

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