Space scientists are constantly engaged in gathering information about asteroids., At the time of the formation of the solar system, these remaining pieces are told, that is, they can be the remains of the planets, so spoke goes, By understanding their structure, scientists can find out how the different planets of the solar system would have been formed., But sometimes they can also pose a danger., By the way The gravity of a planet larger than the asteroids More happens, so they get pulled towards the planet, from Earth If If an asteroid collides, it is a big threat to life and property. Loss Can do, Today i.e. 13th May, and tomorrow i.e. 14th May, NASA has announced the asteroid’s approach to Earth. Close issued an incoming alert, Is there a great danger heading towards Earth? let’s know,

These days many astronomical events are being seen in space, including the arrival of asteroids., Asteroids are constantly coming towards the Earth and passing close to it, NASA has issued an alert for 2 such big asteroids coming near the earth today and tomorrow., To keep an eye on asteroids in space, NASA keeps tracking them continuously., According to JPL, today on May 13, an asteroid named 2023 JG is coming towards Earth., It is 160 feet long which is the size of a large airplane, When it will reach closest to the earth, its distance from the earth will be Only 7,110,000 kms will remain, It is moving towards the earth at a speed of 54995 kilometers per hour.,

Information has been issued by NASA tomorrow i.e. on May 14 that an asteroid will approach the earth., Its name is Asteroid 2023 JP, it is also the size of a large airplane, Its size is 85 feet, When it will reach closest to the earth, its distance from here will be Only 3,230,000 kms will remain, Asteroid bigger than 150 feet coming closer to the earth Fatal It is believed, Such asteroids can wreak havoc on a large part of the earth,

The space agency NASA continues to track asteroids., These days there have been many incidents of asteroids continuously coming towards the earth and this process is still going on., In such a situation, both these asteroids are for the earth. Fatal can be, However, no information has been released by NASA about an asteroid or asteroid hitting the Earth directly., But their direction can change very fast and due to gravity, they can also move in the direction of hitting the surface of the earth.,

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