These days in Indo Nepal border block area illegal The game of black marketing of petrol diesel by filling it in bottles is at its peak., From the main road to the rural roads, petrol and diesel are sold indiscriminately in bottled cans, keeping the rules in small shops and small shops., Petrol and diesel are seen hanging in plastic bottles at every square intersection., Where any rule of law is not followed, Shopkeepers sell soil in these open petrol diesel Oil And Also sold by mixing other chemicals, Due to which the engine of vehicles also has side effects., in block daily Thousands of liters of petrol diesel are sold like this,

In which 850 grams of petrol is being sold in the name of 1 liter from Rs 125 to Rs 170 per litre., Due to which consumers are becoming victims of both adulteration and profiteering., Due to their black marketing at higher prices, many times customers And There is also a situation of tussle between the shopkeepers., Illegal behaviour shops selling petrol diesel in bottles from And No rules are followed for their maintenance in Gumtis.,

Whereas in these places cigarettes are thrown away after smoking beedis throughout the day., Whereas selling highly inflammable substances like petrol, diesel in the open has never been a bigger problem. Accident It is possible, Minor accidents keep happening often, despite the police administration or related officers doesn’t care, Petrol pump operators are also less in this black marketing Cooperation no who rules Against Despite this, they encourage this business by selling petrol and diesel in cans., while vehicles Excessive petrol diesel in bottled cans Very selling sensitive material Harsh is prohibited, Due to the continuous flourishing of this business government is also being defrauded of revenue, But despite seeing all this in front of their eyes, the administration remains a mute spectator.,

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