Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan is creating a buzz in Bangladesh as well., There the film is released on 48 screens, 200 shows running everyday, According to media reports, the first two days shows are houseful., All tickets were sold out before release, The special thing is that this is the first successful Hindi film to be released in Bangladesh.,

Earlier in 2009, Salman Khan’s film Wanted was released there, but due to controversies Soon just got off, Bangladesh became free 52 Year but foreign films are still not released there,

foreign films are not released in bangladesh
times off India According to reports, a local distributor spoke that all the tickets for Pathan are sold out in advance for the first two days,

Earlier in Bangladesh, foreign films were banned to promote and protect the local industry., Although this Year of Bangladesh government has Decision took that now Nation 10 foreign films will be commercially released in,

Wanted was the first Hindi film to release in Bangladesh.
Before Pathan, Salman Khan’s film Wanted was also released in Bangladesh., That Time of Bangladesh government relaxed the rules, However, a local cinema association protested against the film’s release., Then Wanted was pulled from the 50 theaters it was one of Week was running from,

‘Hope Pathan entertains people in Bangladesh too’
Before the release of Pathan, Nelson D’Souza, an artist associated with Yash Raj Films, said, ‘Cinema is always different nations and adding culture, two from the cinema nations people feel connected, Films earn love from audiences across borders and keep people connected to each other,

Shahrukh’s strong fan following in Bangladesh too
Nelson D’Souza further said, ‘We are thankful to the authority there for releasing Pathan in Bangladesh., Shah Rukh Khan has a huge fan following in Bangladesh and we want to bring the film to the audience., film bangladesh in our Nation Will also represent the culture and cinema of,,

Understand the story behind the formation of Bangladesh
Bangladesh before 1971 Clean was part of, east it Clean was known as, It has the largest number of Bengali speaking people. More Was, Although Clean Did government always operated from the west, Clean also made Urdu its official language., Eastern Clean of the people of Speak was with them government step mother has been treating,

The people there were different in the 1970s Nation came on the road to demand the construction, On March 26, 1971, Mujib Ur Rahman, the leader of the demand for Bangladesh, declared Bangladesh as an independent country. Nation declared, then followed by Clean The army of,

India’s contemporary PM Indira Gandhi Clean government of this issues I protested a lot, Indo-Pak war as a result start Done, About 9 months after this on 16 December 1971 Clean army of India kneeling before Forced happened, 16 December is celebrated as Victory Day in Bangladesh, After this Bangladesh became a separate nation forever. Nation became,

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