Rajasthan Congress: Before the Rajasthan assembly elections CM Ashok Gehlot and congress party Increasing pressure on the high command, party leader Sachin Pilot started his ‘Jan Sangharsh Padyatra’ from Ajmer in the afternoon. start Did, He described his five-day visit as ‘against corruption’ and spoke That this journey is being taken out to ‘raise your voice, listen to your voice and become the voice of the people’,

Travel start Pilot held a meeting near Ashok Udyan on Jaipur Road in Ajmer before, in this he spoke that the journey is not against any (person) but corruption Of Against Is, Pilot said, ‘We have taken this journey to raise our voice, to listen to your voice, to become the voice of the people.,,

,travel is not against anyone,
Congress leader said, ‘Jan Sangharsh Yatra is not against anyone’, Jan Sangharsh Yatra corruption is opposed to, Jan Sangharsh Yatra is for the protection of youth, Our boys and girls should be educated and sit on those positions from where all the policies are made.,,

This trip from Ajmer start will come towards Jaipur and will cover a distance of approximately 125 kms, first day night Rest Will be held in Tolamal village of Kishangarh,

,politics is a river of fire,
Pilot while announcing the visit here on Tuesday spoke was that he corruption Of Case Will continue to pick up and from May 11, will take out Jan Sangharsh Padyatra from Ajmer to Jaipur, pilot’s according to After this announcement people asked him spoke that you want to go on a padayatra in such a scorching heat, I said, ‘Politics is a river of fire that has to be crossed by swimming.,,

his late father Rajesh Pilot And Mother Rama Pilot Political Referring to life, Pilot said, ‘On our loyalty, on our honesty… even our opponents cannot point a finger.,,

paper leak Case raised
Along with this, the pilot paper leak case And predecessor led by Vasundhara Raje BJP government alleged of corruption not taking action in cases of Case raised, the pilot preceded BJP government alleged of corruption Had also observed a one-day fast here on April 11 regarding the action taken in the cases of,

In Rajasthan this Year assembly elections to be held at the end of, pilot And Between Chief Minister Gehlot in the state at the end of 2018 congress party Did government There has been a tussle over ‘leadership’ since its inception.,

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