Pune Crime: Sickle Attack Claims Youth’s Life In Ganesh Peth | Representative Image

In an act stemming from previous enmity, a gang fatally stabbed a young man using a sickle. The incident unfolded at midnight on the roof of a building in Burud Ali, Ganesh Peth.

The victim, Siddharth Nandkumar Hadge, aged 29 and a resident of Burud Ali in Ganesh Peth, succumbed to the attack. The Faraskhana police have filed a case against Harshal Pawar and his associates in connection with this tragic incident.

According to the police, Hadge was engaged in a minor altercation with Pawar and his associates. At approximately 12:30am, Pawar and his group arrived armed with a sickle. In a bid to evade the attackers, Hadge sought refuge inside the building and ran to the roof. However, Pawar’s group pursued him and fatally stabbed him on the roof.

Senior Police Inspector Dadasaheb Chudappa is leading the investigation into this incident.

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