So far 60 people have died in Manipur violence. On the other hand, an encounter took place between security forces and suspected Kuki militants in Tronglabi Bishnupur district on Thursday. A police commando died in this. Also five people were injured. At the same time, people of Meiti and Kuki communities in Imphal have written their caste outside their homes.

At the same time, a local youth said that this fight took place between two communities. That’s why people have pasted the name of their respective community so that the people who ran away from here do not damage the houses. Along with this, he told that during the relaxation in curfew, he goes to buy essential things. Explain that there is a suspicion of involvement of extremist groups behind this violence.

Manipur is burning in the fire of violence

In fact, Manipur has been burning in the fire of violence since May 3. According to the information received from the state government, 60 people have been killed in this violence so far. At the same time, the government has imposed curfew in the city. Not only this, due to this violence, there has been a huge increase in the prices of essential commodities.

Petrol being sold at Rs 300 a liter

According to the information received from the media reports, the price of petrol which was sold at Rs 100 per liter till a few days back in Manipur has increased to Rs 300. At the same time, a huge increase is being seen in the prices of vegetables and everyday items. At the same time, the Manipur Petroleum Dealers Association has demanded some relaxation from the government.

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