Reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision on the rights of the Delhi government, BJP’s Delhi state president Virendra Sachdeva has said that he respects the court’s decision, but at the same time, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is calling it his victory. It seems clear from that that again he will put pressure on the officers in Delhi and ‘slap incident’ will be done with the officers again.

Expressing apprehension of a fight with the officials, he said that now once again there will be a ‘slap scandal’ at Arvind Kejriwal’s house with any Chief Secretary, he will be misbehaved with.

Accusing Kejriwal of now creating a new industry of transfer-posting in Delhi, Sachdeva further said that what Kejriwal was yearning for for the last eight years, today he has got it.

That is, now he will make transfer-posting an industry and he has also said this in his statement that now he will transfer a large number of officers. He expressed apprehension that now instead of the quality of government officials, more attention will be paid to who is courting Kejriwal and his ministers.

Delhi BJP President said that after the court’s decision today, it was clearly visible from Arvind Kejriwal’s face that Kejriwal’s wish of becoming Chief Minister without any department for 8 years was fulfilled today and now he will keep the Services department with himself.

He also added that CM Kejriwal is saying that he was not able to do any work for the last 8 years, it is clear that his claims of education and health revolution and all these things are just a bundle of lies. He alleged that Kejriwal has all the power but he is involved in corruption, was and always will be.

Describing the BJP’s strategy in the changed political situation after the Supreme Court verdict, BJP’s Delhi state president also said that if Kejriwal feels that after this verdict, the corruption done by him will be suppressed and the BJP will be silent. So he is a victim of misunderstanding. BJP will always fight the battle of the people of Delhi and the party’s struggle for their Sheeshmahal will continue.

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