Make this special mango dish for mother on Mother’s DayImage Credit source: freepik

Mother’s Day 2023: Now only a few days are left for the celebration of Mother’s Day. This time on 14th May mother’s day will be celebrated. People celebrate this day in different ways to make their mother feel special. There are many ways to make this day special. One of these ways is that you can make a tasty dish for your mother. If it is mango season, many types of dishes can be prepared from mangoes.

Here we have told about some such dishes. You can make them using fresh mangoes. Let’s know which dish you can make on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Rice Phirni

Soak half a cup of basmati rice in water. Keep it soaked for 30 minutes. After that filter its water. Put the rice in a blender. Grind them coarsely. Now cut small pieces of mango. Make a puree out of them. Now pour one cup of milk in the pan. Add ground rice to it. Add sugar to it. Mix both these things well. Boil it well. Now cover this pan for some time. Now add cardamom powder to it. Add a little orange food color to it. Add chopped dry fruits to this mixture. Lastly add mango puree. Mix all these things. Cook it for 5 minutes. Make this mixture thick. Cool it for a while. After this serve it.

Mango Rice

To make Mango Rice, half a kilo of Basmati rice will be required. 2 to 3 cardamom will be required. Take 1/4 cup sugar and 100 grams ripe mangoes. Take 1/4 cup ghee. You will need 2 spoons khoya, coriander leaves and cashew nuts as per requirement. Cook basmati rice in a cooker. After this, fry the khoya in a pan for some time. Put it in a bowl and keep it aside. Cut the mangoes into small pieces. Put them in a serving bowl. Now put chopped mango pieces in it. Add rice. Heat the pan, add ghee to it. Add cashews to it. Add green cardamom and sugar. Add 4 spoons of water to it. When it is cooked, put this mixture in a serving bowl containing rice and mangoes. Mango rice will be ready like this.

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