Geneva. Monkeypox is no longer a global health emergency. The World Health Organization (WHO) report provides this helpful information regarding monkey pox (mpox).

This was announced by the head of the World Health Organisation, Dr. Tredos Dunom Gabriels. He said that monkeypox is no longer a global emergency. The decision was taken after the emergency committee for MPOX recommended withdrawal of the emergency following a meeting this week, he said.

Significantly, Mpox is a viral disease and its cases have been confirmed in more than 100 countries.

He further added that while mpox is no longer a global health emergency, it does not mean that the need for prevention is gone. He further added that mpox presents significant public health challenges that require a strong, proactive and sustainable response.

Tredos said it is encouraging that it is declining globally, but the virus is affecting communities in all of those regions, including Africa.

WHO declared mpox a global health emergency in July 2022. Later this situation remained in November and February.

Mepox is an illness with flu-like symptoms, which is spread through direct contact with an infected person. The WHO chief said that in the last three months there has been a decline of about 90 per cent in their cases. From the beginning of 2022 to May this year, 87,000 cases of mpox were confirmed worldwide.


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