Mini Cooler: Carry it with you wherever you go, this cooler will come in the bag and keep the sweat in the side (Photo: Havells)

After the unseasonal rain, now the heat has made people worse. In such a situation, people have to think before going out of the house in the sun. But many people have to go out to go to their jobs or for some work. Traveling by public transport like bus etc. becomes more heavy as compared to traveling by your personal car. So that you do not have to face this heat, today we will tell you about some such devices, after using which you will not sweat at all.

This device is nothing but a mini portable fan that promises to keep you cool in summers. You can take it with you wherever you travel. It is easiest to carry them in a bag and their cost also fits in your budget.

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Boutique USB Rechargeable Handheld Mini Fan

This fan supports you for 14 to 21 hours and you also get power bank feature in it. And talking about its size, it comes in pocket, desk and foldable sizes. Its color also comes in light pink color and its design is also cute. Its price comes in your budget, it is available on e-commerce platform Amazon for Rs.1909 only.

Winique Handheld Spray Fan

This is a spray fan and a 3000mAh battery is available in it. A 20ml water tank is available. You can use 180° foldable personal fan in office, travel and at your home. The original price of this fan is Rs.6000 but you can buy it from Amazon for Rs.2,399 with 60 percent discount.

Mix Plastic Mini Portable Rechargeable Fan

This is a hand mini portable rechargeable fan which is available on e-commerce platform Croma for just Rs.150. In this you get mix color options and its design is quite unique.

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