Pipariya (Narmadapuram): Pipariya police has traced the identity of a man who was found dead in a village on Saturday late night, the police said.Constable Satish Patel played a pivotal role in the same, police added.

Constable Satish Patel told media that the man was found dead near waiting room of Tekapar village in Narmadapuram district on Saturday late night.

The cops were not able to ascertain his identity, after which they picked up the trail from the T-shirt the man was wearing. Kabaddi Pratiyogita 2021 Jan Panchayat Badi was written on T-shirt after which police contacted Badi police.

The police learnt that the player, whose name was written on the T-shirt was a Kabaddi player, who had given T-shirt to one of the labourers he had employed. The man was thereafter identified as Sanju Bishan Singh (36). The police have sent his body for post-mortem.

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