Love Guru Season 2 Web Series on Ullu: OTT has presented users with a plethora of content to consume. Meanwhile, romance and erotica have emerged as a genre that is the first choice of binge-watchers across the globe. But, nobody likes romance and erotica enough. It is an art that ULLU has mastered by a wide margin. The erotic shows from the streaming giant enjoy an unparalleled fan base over the years. Today, we are bringing a web show which you must watch if you haven’t already.

Love Guru Season 2 on Ullu Ki Kahani web series

The erotic series follows a mother-daughter duo who lead a happy life. One man enters and their life changes in a way that no one can imagine. The boy in question is none other than the boyfriend of the daughter. The sweet charming young man has freed the mother from her feet. Despite knowing that this could mean losing her daughter, she relentlessly pursues her lover. She proceeds to consult a love guru who shares tips on how to impress the young boy.

Meanwhile, the daughter is unaware of her mother’s nefarious intentions. She is confused about her mother’s true nature and takes her mother’s closeness with her lover as an acceptance of their relationship. The lover is also in shock to see the erotic act of a woman, who could potentially be his mother-in-law. How does lust alter the dynamics of this sweet little family and will Betty ever get over the heartache? To know more watch Love Guru Season 2 web series on ULLU. Watch the video below:

More About Love Guru Season 2

The series stars Rajshi Verma in the lead role. She is known for her bold roles in Riti Riwaaz, Charmsukh Sautela Pyaar, Tantra, Mom and Daughter and Tharkistan.

Talking about the show, it is currently streaming on ULLU.

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