Children Very are delicate, When raising children, even a little bit of parents procrastination their Health can have a direct impact on, It is often seen that many parents start overfeeding their children while feeding or feeding them., Such parents believe that children More Stay healthy by eating and their development is also good, If If you also believe the same, then let us tell you that by overfeeding the child, it Benefit not but Loss It happens, After this, the second which the parents Question What bothers me is how to know when your baby is full., Come let us know your ideas related to parenting questions what are the Correct answer,

Disadvantages of overfeeding-

When the child is forcefully fed, he swallows the food quickly many times. start Does, which caused her to vomit several times Trouble Might be possible,

Children who are overfed at home, there is a risk of obesity in them. chances increases substantially, tell me, Need From More On eating food, the food starts getting stored in the body of the child in the form of fat., causing him to gain weight,

gas problem
Gas formation in the stomach of a child when he is forcefully fed. Trouble Might be possible,

Signs of overfeeding-
These signs start appearing when the baby overfeeds,
– gas formation
– belching
Vomiting after drinking milk
Irritability after drinking milk
spitting up frequently

Avoid getting overfeeding like this-
The baby gives some such signs when the stomach is full, by recognizing which you can save it from overfeeding., As-
Baby pushing away the bottle or breast when full start Does,
-turning away from bottle or breast,
– spitting out milk,
falling asleep during feeding,
– not breast feeding,
Keep in mind, after feeding the child, make sure to burp him.,

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