How To Check Phone Supports 5G Network Or Not: Nation Many companies in 5G Smartphone Sell start have done, two there tall Telecom company Jio and Airtel Nation Of different Rapidly delivering 5G network service in cities, Both the companies have Nation 5G mobile service in thousands of cities and villages start Is done, But there are many people who are still using 4G service only. Use are doing, Their Area 5G service in start has happened, but they do not know that their Smartphone But whether 5G network comes or not,

5G technology is a big step in the era of the Internet. Change Is, it to the internet Use will completely change our experience of doing, Very fast internet speed is available in 5G service, due to which even big things can be done. Simplicity become from, Let us tell you that data can be transferred at a speed of 20 GB per second on 5G network, while this speed is 1 GB per second on 4G network.,

in just a few seconds your Smartphone Can convert 4G network to 5G, Once you switch to the 5G network, you will need to Phone But you will get many times faster internet speed,

Yours Phone You can check whether it supports 5G network or not. Self Simplicity can check from, So let’s know how you Smartphone Can convert 4G network to 5G,

1- First of all you have to Phone Let’s go to network settings, For this, you go to the setting option and open the network settings.,
2- After this you have to click on the option of mobile network or connection,
3- If you two sim used If you do, here you will see the option of both sims.,
4- Now you have to select the sim in which you want to check 5G network,
5- After selecting it, you have to select the option of Preferred Network Type,
6- Here you will find 2G/3G/4G/LTE/VoLTE/5G written,

If you find 5G written here, then understand that your Phone Supports 5G network and you can put 5G sim in it, If If you do not find 5G written here then your Phone Does not support 5G network,

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