Neena Gupta, who has ruled Hindi cinema since the 80s, has stopped trollers from talking with her latest video. In today’s time, there are many people living in India who feel ashamed to speak Hindi and some do not even know how to speak and write Hindi. Such people often start trolling Hindi speakers openly, but now Neena Gupta has got the trollers to stop speaking. Neena Gupta has shared a video of Haseen Vaadis in which she is proudly saying that she is from Hindi medium.

Bollywood veteran Neena Gupta has shared a video on Instagram with which she wrote in the caption, ‘Khabardar Hindi Medium Bola Toh’. In the video Neena Gupta says, ‘One thing I wanted to say since many days. Today, in this beautiful place, I say that there are no terms in our country. Eg: Hey he is a TV actor, look at these TV actors, actor, actress. There is a term, this is Hindi medium. There is a term, she is eating with her hands, what a friend, she eats with her hands, not with a knife and fork! Many times I am called Hindi medium, because I speak Hindi well, it is my mother tongue. So I want to say that we should never be ashamed of this. I am proud to be from Hindi medium. I like the way I am eating food, the way I am wearing clothes, I am proud of it and I am also proud to be called a TV actor. I am an actor, I do it in TV, I do it anywhere.

Neena Gupta is Hindi Medium

Neena Gupta further said in the video, ‘We sometimes get a little angry and start looking down on Hindi medium or ourselves .. But don’t understand, if we are feeling that what we are doing and saying is If it is right then be proud… Why did I say right?’ Commenting on this video of Neena Gupta, Bollywood celebs are also appreciating her. Neena Gupta, who has won hearts with films like ‘Badhaai Ho’, ‘Vadh’, ‘Unchai’ and ‘Goodbye’ and web series like ‘Panchayat’, has a vocal presence on social media.

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