BJP is trying hard to retain power in Karnataka. BJP has recently made many big promises in its manifesto. On the other hand, Congress has made a complete plan to spoil BJP’s game by giving 5 guarantees.

BJP wants to return to power by winning the elections. Now the party has released the election manifesto 9 days before the polling. Speaker JP Nadda and Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai released The People’s Manifesto for the Karnataka Assembly elections. In this, BJP has made 16 big election promises.
Earlier, Congress has announced its five big election promises in the form of five guarantees. Let us now know what are the top 3 election promises made by the BJP in response to the 5 guarantees of the Congress?

BJP’s promise-
Underprivileged and poor families will be given 5 liters of Nandini milk.
Poor families will be given three free cooking gas cylinders in a year.
Atal Ayath Kendra will be opened in every ward of Karnataka.
Under the Vanek Obava Social Justice Fund scheme, Dalit tribal women will be given Rs 10,000 on a fixed deposit of 5 years.
For the safety of women, CCTV surveillance cameras with AI facial recognition software will be installed on all roads in Bengaluru.

congress guarantee
– 200 units free electricity to all households
– 10 kg rice free to each BPL family member under Anna Bhagya Yojana
Under Griha Laxmi Yojana, 2000 monthly assistance will be given to the female head of each family.
– Rs 3000 per month to graduate youth and Rs 1500 per month to diploma holders, this assistance will be provided for two years in the age group of 18-25 years.
All women will be able to travel free of cost in public transport buses.

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