Jugaad Viral Video: To beat the heat, Jugaadu cooler made of water tank went viral on social media, watch the video, when big machines cannot do any work, the husband does it with a small shortcut. We call this unique technique “Desi Jugaad”. Due to which even the most difficult work can be done easily. Eighty percent of the people in India use jugaad to do any work. Many times such jugaads are seen in India, today we are going to tell you one such jugaad. Seeing which you yourself will not believe.

This desi jugaad video is making a splash on social media

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This Desi Jugaad video is making a splash on social media, in which you can see that such a unique technique has been invented with less resources, which can prove to be helpful for many people. Today the summer season is going on, where there is severe heat, while people use coolers to avoid the heat. One such person made a cooler at home with indigenous jugaad.

Cooler made at home with indigenous jugaad

In our country, fan coolers are used to avoid the heat, but in this cooler, coolers are being made from the water tank with indigenous jugaad. Similar videos are becoming very viral on social media. In which a person made a cooler at home with indigenous jugaad. This video is becoming very viral on social media.

There was an uproar on social media on seeing this

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Every day something or the other goes viral on social media, but this time this video is going viral on social media with a lot of noise. This video has been shared by a person named Desijugaad7 on the social media platform. Millions of people have seen this video till now. And many strange comments are also coming on this video.

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