Center government (Central Government) violated the privacy of WhatsApp issues (Privacy Violation Matter) is taken seriously, Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar has taken serious note of a tweet on Twitter on Wednesday.,

It has been claimed by tweeting that Smartphone Of used not living in his Use Happening, government Has said to investigate this claim, Minister of State Chandrashekhar spoke That government Smartphone Of used not living in his Use Social media platform WhatsApp to investigate claims of callers’ microphones being accessed,

The minister wrote on Twitter that even though the new digital personal Information Protection Bill is being prepared, government Investigate alleged violations of privacy of personal information, It was claimed that WhatsApp accessed a user’s microphone while the user was asleep,

Foad Dabiri, director of Twitter’s engineering department, on Saturday. spoke what is this going on… whatsapp microphone in background used Was doing, This was happening while I was sleeping and found out when I woke up at 6am,

Dabiri’s tweet Answer Chandrashekhar giving spoke that this type of violation is not acceptable at all, it’s a breach of privacy, They spoke that we will promptly investigate and take action on any breach of the confidentiality of personal information, Dabiri’s tweet has gone viral, It has been viewed over 65 million times,

On the other hand, WhatsApp spoke is that he Trouble Been in contact with the Twitter engineer in the last 24 hours who posted about, Whatsapp in a tweet spoke that we believe it is a virus on Android that is falsifying the information in their privacy dashboard behaviour From Present makes, Check with google about this and deal with it Important To improve spoke Has gone, The company also claimed that the user has complete control over the settings of his mic,

social media platform spoke that after getting permission, WhatsApp Only Accesses the mic when a user is on a call or recording a voice note or video, even at that time conversation and other information is protected by ‘end-to-end encryption’, that’s why whatsapp can’t hear them,

engineer working with twitter Phone shared screenshots of, In these, WhatsApp was used several times using the microphone of the engineer’s handset. used shown doing while he was sleeping, After these screenshots, many users including Twitter, Tesla Inc chief Elon Musk have expressed concern, Musk has spoke that whatsapp cannot be trusted,

WhatsApp in India is under scrutiny for various issues, After a two-hour service disruption last October, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology asked the social media platform to explain the reason for the disruption. spoke Was,

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