World Cup Impact: The Cricket World Cup final did for the airlines what even Diwali could not do. The record of air travel in one day has been broken. On Saturday, about 4.6 lakh people traveled by air across the country, which is the highest figure till date. This year there was a jump in the number of passengers on Diwali. But, with India’s entry in the World Cup final, people became excited to reach Ahmedabad and a new record was created. Because of this, airlines also earned money from increased fares.

Expensive fares broke people’s hearts during the festive season

The number of air travelers in a day during the festive season has never exceeded 4 lakh till now. Due to increasing demand, airlines increased the air fares a month before Diwali. So the airlines were held responsible for this. Due to such high fares, a large number of people had to buy AC class train tickets. His long-running efforts to increase fares failed. But, people also bought tickets worth Rs 20 to 40 thousand for the World Cup final.

Aviation Minister congratulated

Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia wrote on social media that on November 18, the Indian aviation industry created history. On this day 4,56,748 people traveled by air. Mumbai airport also saw the highest number of passengers in a single day on Saturday. Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani wrote on Twitter that this is a historic opportunity for us. More than 1.61 lakh passengers arrived at Mumbai Airport in a single day.

The fare had been increased from September itself.

From the last week of September, airlines started increasing fares for advance booking. The move taken by airlines to take advantage of the festive season starting in the third week of October backfired and people turned to the railways. But, people returning from Diwali, Chhath Puja and cricket filled the pockets of the airlines. People bought very expensive tickets. On Monday, the ticket price from Ahmedabad to Mumbai is between Rs 18 thousand to Rs 28 thousand. Apart from this, the ticket from Ahmedabad to Delhi is between 10 to 20 thousand. However, it seems that this fare will be reduced in the future.

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