Former President of Pakistan and Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan may have been released after the decision of the Supreme Court. But their troubles have not subsided yet, because on Friday Imran Khan Is to appear in the Islamabad High Court, where the Alkadir Trust case will be heard. Meanwhile, an audio of Imran has been leaked, in which he is discussing with PTI leader Musarrat Jamshed Cheema about his arrest on Tuesday and the hearing of the related case in the High Court.

Actually, Imran Khan was arrested by Pakistani Rangers on the orders of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Tuesday. He was arrested in the Alkadir Trust case. NAB is an anti-corruption agency in Pakistan. Imran Khan had come to appear for a hearing in the Islamabad High Court, when a mob of Rangers came and dragged him away. He was then taken to the NAB office in Rawalpindi’s Garrison City for questioning.

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Imran’s arrest was told legal

On the same day, High Court Chief Justice Aamer Farooq reprimanded the officials for arresting Imran from the court premises. He reserved judgment on the legality of the arrest. Then a few hours later, he also declared the arrest as legal. At the same time, in the leaked audio, Imran can be heard asking Cheema to ask MP Azam Swati to challenge his arrest in the Supreme Court. Let us know what has been talked about in this leaked audio.

What was said in the audio leak?

  • Imran Khan: What are happy circumstances? did they get the message?
  • Musarrat Jamshed Cheema: Sir, I have delivered the message. We are sitting in the High Court. We have made it clear that we will not go anywhere until they produce Khan sahib here.
  • Imran Khan: Is Khwaja Haris there?
  • Musarrat Jamshed Cheema: Both Khwaja Haris and Salman Safdar are with me. I am sitting with him, you can talk to him if you want.
  • Imran Khan: Tell Azam Swati to file an application in the Supreme Court. What they have done is completely malicious.
  • Musarrat Jamshed Cheema: Yes, don’t worry sir.
  • Imran Khan: What is the Chief Justice doing? He takes orders from them.
  • Musarrat Jamshed Cheema: NAB and other people came but we told them to produce Khan sahib in the court. I am sitting next to Khwaja Haris. We are going to stay in the court only. Your case is in line for hearing before the Chief Justice.
  • Imran Khan: No, but the Chief Justice takes orders from him. You should talk to Azam.
  • Musarrat Jamshed Cheema: Ok sir, take care of yourself.

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