Anupam Kher and Vidyut Jammwal’s new film IB 71 tells the story of another unsung hero. This is the story of such a secret mission, about which people hardly know. From 1971 till now, it was kept hidden in the pages of history, but through this film, it has been claimed to bring out the story of the intelligence of Indian soldiers and IB officers.

Sankalp Reddy, the director of the film had said in an interview about this film – making such films is a risky and responsible feeling. When Vidyut Jammwal brought this story to him, he could not believe that such a thing had happened in history. But after doing a lot of research, we completed this film like a mission. Vidyut is also involved in the producers of this film.

What is the story of IB 71?

This story is actually based on the background of the 1971 India-Pakistan war. India’s strategic war proved effective and Bangladesh was carved out of Pakistan. According to the fact shown in the film, during this time the IB officers of India come to know that Pakistan is going to attack India with the help of China.

After this information, Chief SN Awasthi (Anupam Kher) and IB Agent Dev Jamwal (Vidyut Jamwal) in the IB office in India get alerted and prepare a strategy to sabotage this plan of Pakistan. In fact, together they want to block the airspace itself so that Pakistan and China cannot attack.

The plan prepared to make this mission successful was very dangerous and was going to play with the lives of 30 Indians. Under this plan, a plane carrying 30 Indian passengers is hijacked by Kashmiri separatists and made an emergency landing at Lahore airport. To know what happens after this, the entire film should be watched.

Loaded with beautiful and exciting locations

The biggest achievement of this film is its exciting location and amazing adventures. In most parts of the film, the snowy valleys, mountains and the habitats of those mountains are depicted, which is a bit different from the common films. In this context, the cinematography is amazing, which gives comfort to the hearts and minds of the audience and provides an opportunity to see something different.

Direction and actors acting

The film is directed by The Ghazi Attack fame director Sankalp Reddy. Sankalp Reddy has made his place in the war film genre. The background of his Ghazi made in Telugu and The Ghazi Attack in Hindi was also the Indo-Pak war of 1971. In this context, the plot of IB 71 was not unknown to him.

Talking about acting, Anupam Kher and Vidyut Jammwal are the two main characters of this film. The role of both is strong, but Vidyut is not seen in every scene to demonstrate the efficiency of leading the film and making it a hit.

Even before this, Vidyut has played the role of a captain and sometimes a police officer, so this action style of his is well known. Dilip Tahil suits as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. If he gets to do such a big role in the future, it would be remarkable.

What are the flaws in the film?

Have you seen any Hindi film which has neither heroine nor songs? In this context, IB71 will be presented as an example. Obviously the director and writer wanted to dedicate it to the war film genre, but have you seen any Hindi war film without heroine and songs? Border can be remembered in the films based on the war of 71.

After the interval, the story of the film comes to life and a very good use of war and thriller is seen. This experiment is quite fresh, but before the interval the story is quite scattered, bad editing has spoiled many sequences of the film.

For example, showing Kasim going to the cinema hall again and again was an unnecessary scene. It could be done in one scene and one dialogue. Apart from this, the initial parts of the film also seem cumbersome and unintelligible. In any intelligent cinema, such distractions spoil the nature of the story.

Why should you watch IB 71?

As claimed by the filmmakers, for the first time in its story, a secret plan for India’s success in the 1971 war has been revealed. To know this, the film must be seen. Whether it is the screen of cinema or the actual battlefield, it has always been a hit to see Pakistan being defeated.

But after seeing the whole, it is difficult to understand one secret that whenever there is talk of the war of 1971, there is presence of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in some form or the other. But Indira Gandhi is nowhere here. Yes, Jagjivan Ram (Vimal Verma) as the Defense Minister is definitely shown having discussions with the IB Chief (Anupam Kher).

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