Mukesh Ambani has diversified his business a lot in the last decade. Along with exploring yourself in different sectors, you have reached a new place. Then whether it is the telecom sector or the retail sector, everyone knows about the project of green energy. At the same time, he is going to do a big planning. That is the entry in the auto sector. The discussion about this is going on very loudly since Thursday morning.

This has been in the news ever since MG Motors has started talks with several groups including Reliance to sell the mega stake in its India operations. In such a situation, Mukesh Ambani or simply say that Reliance Industries Group cannot have a better chance than this to enter the auto sector. If Reliance enters the auto sector, the picture of this sector will be completely changed in the country, the way they have changed the telecom and retail sectors.

Two plants of MG Motors India in Gujarat

Why is MG Motors a good fit for Mukesh Ambani to enter the auto sector? The answer is MG Motors plant located in Gujarat. Whose capacity is 120,000 units. Soon another plant of MG Motors is going to start in Gujarat, after which the manufacturing capacity of the company will exceed 3 lakhs. In such a situation, if the company deals with Mukesh Ambani, then Mukesh Ambani will have such plants which will manufacture 3 lakh units every year, which will be enough for the company in the initial phase. At the same time, Reliance’s green energy projects and other projects are also going on in Gujarat. The benefit of which will also be seen in the auto company.

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The emphasis will be on the EV segment

On the other hand, MG Motors is also in the EV segment in India. Some of whose vehicles are being launched in India. With the coming of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance, the EV sector is expected to get more strength. At the same time, the government is also helping the companies a lot in this matter. After the entry of Mukesh Ambani, other players are also expected to get a big competition. In which Tata Motors, Maruti, Mahindra and other companies which are known as Auto Giants in India may also get a big blow. Because they know that when Mukesh Ambani enters a sector, he creates his own monopoly. In such a situation, other companies suffer loss. We are seeing this in the telecom and retail sector.

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Will the prices of cars come down?

Mukesh Ambani’s auto sector may reduce car prices? This is a big question. Because all are suffering from high costing and the shortage of auto chip i.e. semiconductor is also not being fulfilled, in such a situation the production and supply of vehicles is a bit slow due to which the prices are very high. But Mukesh Ambani showed the telecom sector how the product can be made cheaper by creating a price war, a similar trick can be used in the auto sector as well. Apart from this, Mukesh Ambani will have to compete with bigger giants in the auto sector than in Telecom. In such a situation, it will not be easy for Mukesh Ambani to get his monopoly in the auto sector.

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