There was an explosion in Milan, Italy on Thursday, after which many vehicles caught fire. According to reports, there has been a blast in a vehicle in the city. After this, vehicles parked nearby caught fire and clouds of smoke filled the sky. There is no news of any casualty in this incident. A heart-wrenching video of this blast in Milan city is also going viral in which vehicles can be seen burning and people running from the fire. After the accident, the road has been completely closed.

Several vehicles caught fire after an explosion in the center of Milan, northern Italy. Local police said a van caught fire following which there was panic among the people.

Many people are feared to be injured in this incident. Police reached the spot and started investigation. Apart from this, the work of extinguishing the fire is also going on. The population of the city of Milan is approximately 13 million while the urban area is the fifth largest in the European Union with an estimated population of 4,300,000.

5 vehicles and 4 mopeds were gutted in the fire. The fire is now moving towards an apartment and a pharmacy located across the street. Firefighters have reached the Porta Roma area. Policemen have safely evacuated people from the area. Apart from this, the nearby school and nursing home have also been evacuated. In the viral footage on social media, it is seen that people are running on the road and smoke has spread all around.

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