It has been revealed many times in different reports that gradually the whole world Water crisis heading towards. At the same time, another study has claimed that the world’s largest lakes and reservoirs The water level is decreasing rapidly and it is moving towards the verge of drying up. At the same time, it is believed that in future humans will have to face the great tragedy of water crisis.

According to information received from the news agency AFP, this study has been done by a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and co-author of the paper. In this, he told that many lakes around the world are in crisis. Professor Rajagopalan said in his report that the shocking thing is that about 25 percent of the world’s population is living in the basin of lakes and which are continuously drying up. He said that if this happens, it will affect about two billion people.

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Keeping an eye on the deteriorating condition of rivers

The professor told that scientists from all over the world are keeping an eye on the deteriorating condition of the rivers. Despite this, no specific steps are being taken in this regard. According to the report, the disasters in big lakes like Aral Sea and Caspian Sea have indicated this crisis.

How much difference in the amount of water in 30 years?

In fact, the team that studied it included scientists from America, Saudi Arabia and France. According to the information, the team examined 1,972 largest lakes and reservoirs with the help of satellite images from 1992 to 2020. During this, an attempt was made to know how and how much difference has come in the amount of water in these lakes in 30 years. At the same time, it was revealed in the investigation that the water of 53 percent lakes and reservoirs declined at an annual rate of about 22 gigatons.

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water shortage even after heavy rains

The big thing in this is that the water level has decreased in the dry areas, where there was a shortage of water in the reservoirs of those areas where it rained more. During this entire study, 603 cubic kilometers (145 cubic miles) of water disappeared. Please tell that this quantity is 17 times more than the water of Lake Mead of America.

Major reasons for decreasing water level

On the other hand, if we talk about the reasons for the decreasing water level, then it was revealed in the study that global warming is one of the reasons for this, along with this, the reason for water scarcity was also the increasing water consumption in humans. Explain that due to increase in temperature, water evaporates. Apart from this, the rainfall has also reduced in some places.

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