Washington, November 20 (HS). Former US first lady Rosalynn Carter died on Sunday in the southern state of Georgia. Rosalynn, wife of former US President Jimmy Carter, breathed her last at the age of 96. According to America’s leading newspaper New York Times, Atlanta’s Carter Center announced his death. The Carter Center revealed on May 30 that Rosalynn Carter had dementia. Center had then said that she was living happily at home with her husband. Enjoying spring in the plains and hanging out with loved ones.

The Carter couple has recorded many records in American politics. The longest-married presidential couple and 99-year-old Jimmy Carter are the oldest living US president. Rosalynn Carter has four children, according to the Carter Center. There are 11 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren, after losing a grandchild in 2015. Rosalynn Carter is best known for her work after the White House. She and her husband advocated for human rights, democracy, and health issues around the world while maintaining a modest public image.

Rosalynn Carter, a passionate champion of mental health, caregiving and women’s rights, died at her home in Plains, Georgia, at the age of 96, the Carter Center said in a statement. Jimmy Carter, deeply saddened by his wife’s death, said – ‘Roslyn was my equal partner in whatever I achieved. The former Democratic President said that I always knew that if someone in the world loved me and supported me, it was Roslin.

Roslin has played a pivotal role in Jimmy Carter’s long political career. Rosalynn Carter was involved in policy decisions in the White House (from 1977 to 1981). She became a part of cabinet meetings and key briefings. Represented the Chief Executive on several occasions. Rosalynn Carter’s father died when she was 13, and she worked alongside her mother, according to the White House website. While she was in college in 1945, she met Jimmy Carter. Both of them got married in 1946.

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