Cancer is a deadly disease. There are many types of cancer. Follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer. In a healthy diet, eat such foods which are rich in anti-carcinogenic properties. Diet plays an important role in maintaining health. Here are some foods to reduce the risk of cancer. These foods are rich in anti cancer properties.

Along with this, these foods also provide many other benefits to your health. Let us know which foods you should eat daily to reduce the risk of cancer.


Garlic is commonly used to make many types of dishes. It works to enhance the taste of food. Along with this, they are also very beneficial for health. It prevents cancer from happening. It contains metabolizing enzymes. They inhibit cancer causing agents. Eating 2 to 3 cloves of garlic every day helps in reducing the risk of cancer.


Carrots contain Vitamin A. Carrots also contain beta-carotene. You can take carrots in the form of salad or juice. It helps in fighting cancer. Along with this, it increases immunity. Eating carrots also increases eyesight.


Cinnamon is commonly used in Indian kitchen. It enhances the taste of food. Cinnamon has anticancer properties. You can also drink cinnamon water. For this, soak cinnamon water overnight. Drink this water the next morning. You can drink a cup of cinnamon tea daily.


Tomatoes are widely used to make curries. Tomatoes have anticarcinogenic properties. It contains lycopene. It reduces the risk of prostate, oral, lung and many other cancers. Eating raw tomatoes is very good for health.

flax seeds

Flax seeds also reduce the risk of cancer. These seeds have anti-estrogen properties. They reduce the growth of cancer cells. These seeds also contain alpha-linolenic acid. It works to prevent cancer cells from growing.

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