There has been a continuous increase in earthquake incidents across the world in the last one year. Every day, more than one earthquake is being felt at different places around the world. A mild earthquake was felt this morning in Hingoli, Maharashtra. After this, earthquake tremors were also felt in the Philippines. The earthquake occurred 7 kilometers northwest of Mabini Municipality in the Philippines and measured 5.2 on the Richter scale. The earthquake occurred at 10:27 am Indian time. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) also confirmed the earthquake in the Philippines.

The depth of today’s earthquake in the Philippines was about 93 kilometers.

no damage caused

There was no damage due to today’s earthquake in the Philippines. However, people felt tremors in the earthquake affected areas.

The increase in earthquakes is worrying

There has been an alarming increase in earthquakes across the world in the past year. In the last one year, cases of earthquakes are being reported at many places across the world. Some earthquakes did not cause any damage, but in the last few months, some earthquakes occurred which caused huge destruction. The earthquake in Indonesia last year and the earthquake in Turkey and Syria this year caused huge devastation. The earthquake in Morocco on 8 September, the earthquake in Afghanistan on 7 October last month and the earthquake in Nepal on 3 November this month also caused huge devastation. Although not all earthquakes cause destruction, the increase in the number of earthquakes is worrying.

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