Burning feet: There are many people who complain of burning sensation in the skin of the soles and feet. This problem increases especially in summer. Usually people do not pay attention to this. But burning feet can also be a sign of some serious problems. Come, today we will tell you what are the reasons for swelling in the feet.

kidney problems

If there is always a burning sensation in your feet, do not ignore it because the cause of such burning sensation can be kidney related problems. When there is a problem with the kidney, its function is affected and it builds up toxins in the blood, which can lead to swollen feet.

athlete’s foot

It is a type of fungal infection. Which usually happens with athletes. It affects the toenails and fingernails which can cause swelling and burning sensation in the feet.


In this problem, the balance of hormones is not maintained in the body, due to which swelling also occurs in the feet and the skin becomes dry and irritation can occur.

nutritional deficiency

Swelling in the feet can also occur due to lack of nutrition. In this case, never ignore the swelling of the feet and pay attention to your diet.

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