This is how working mothers should take care of diet amid busy scheduleImage Credit source: freepik

Diet For Working Mothers: For working mothers, along with the responsibility of children, there is also the responsibility of home and office work. because of all these things working mothers Ignores own health. But in the future, this thing can be heavy on your health. This thing badly affects both physical health and mental health. In such a situation, it is important that women take care of their health. In such a situation, here are some diet tips for working mothers.

Working women can take care of their health by following these diet tips. Let us know how women can plan a diet meal.

nutritional needs

Every age group has its own nutritional needs. That’s why you should know the need of this thing. You should know how much healthy fat, calories, iron and calcium you should be consuming every day.

don’t skip breakfast

Avoid starting the day with caffeine. Don’t skip breakfast in a hurry. Have a breakfast that is rich in protein, complex carbs, fiber and vitamins. You can take milk with boiled eggs, sandwich, curd, lentils and dates.

healthy snack

Keep healthy snacks in your kitchen shelf. Avoid keeping unhealthy snacks in the kitchen shelf. You roasted gram. Things like dry fruits, makhana and peanuts can be kept in the shelf. One of the healthy options for snacks.

lunch plate

Keep the balance of the lunch plate. You can include eggs, lentils, vegetables, beans and yogurt in lunch to meet nutritional needs.

Happy Foods

Eat foods that reduce your stress by eating them. Eat bananas, berries, beans, dark chocolate and coconut. These foods are rich in antioxidant properties and amino acids. It keeps your mood fresh. They reduce bad cholesterol.

soaked dry fruits

Do eat soaked almonds daily in the morning. You can keep almonds or walnuts soaked. They are rich in healthy fat and protein. Eating them in the morning keeps you energetic.

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