To keep the BJP in power in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy campaigning loudly. PM Modi addressed a rally in Sindanur today and attacked the Congress Janata Dal (United) fiercely.

PM Modi said that Congress-JDS have worked together to loot Karnataka. The Congress did not desist from playing politics even on the Sudan crisis. Its leaders did the work of provoking the families of the victims.

PM Modi said that some people are hatching conspiracies sitting in Delhi. The day of 10th May is very near. Your enthusiasm is telling that it is certain that BJP will form a government with full majority in Karnataka. The PM said that BJP is a one-size-fits-all party, which has a road map. One aim and one resolution of BJP is to make Karnataka the number 1 state of the country.

Congress-JDS is asking for votes to save the family – PM Modi

PM Modi further said that we are seeking votes to make the state number one, but what are the Congress leaders doing? JDS is also seeking votes to save a family. BJP is the only party

Who has the road map of development and has the power of double engine. BJP will always protect the state. The party is committed to this and we will not let any heat come on it. We will not allow the legacy of Karnataka to be destroyed under any circumstances.”

Congress-JDS did politics of appeasement only – PM Modi

In Sindhanur, PM Modi said that Congress and JDS have done only appeasement politics till date. But against this politics of appeasement, every worker and voter of BJP is standing like a rock.

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