San Francisco. The ongoing turmoil at OpenAI took a new turn on Monday evening, when about 700 of the company’s 770 employees threatened to resign. He declared the board unfit to run the company. There have been demands for him to resign, to bring back Sam Altman and Greg Brockman and to form a new board and give leadership to two independent directors. Failure to do so threatened all these employees to resign and go to work in Microsoft’s new Advanced AI Lab announced on Monday itself. Told, Microsoft has offered all of them to come and work at its place.

Signatories to the employees’ demand letter include Mira Muratti, who was made interim CEO on Friday and was removed from the post on Sunday, and COO Brad Light Cap along with board director and chief data scientist Ilya Sutskever. In this letter addressed to the board directors, it was said that the employees themselves developed the new technical model, helped in creating global standards for the safety of AI. Tens of millions of people are using them every day.

The company is in its strongest position ever, but then the way the board removed Altman and Brockman, everything was in danger. The company forgot its mission. The Board’s conduct demonstrates that it lacks the capacity to oversee OpenAI. Company officials tried to handle the situation, listened to the board’s concerns and provided cooperation, but despite their requests, the board did not provide any facts on the allegations. The officials understood that the board was negotiating with bad intentions and was not qualified to perform its duties.

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