Italy’s government called an emergency meeting on Thursday to investigate the reasons for the rise in prices of pasta, one of the country’s most beloved and culturally important foods. The country’s industry minister, Adolfo Urso, chaired a commission in Rome of lawmakers, pasta makers and consumer rights groups to discuss what could be done to reduce pasta prices. A spokesman for Urso said in a statement on Wednesday that the prices will come down in a few weeks, as production costs have come down significantly.

problem of national importance

This is a problem of national importance. The average Italian spends about 23 kilograms (51 pounds) on pasta each year, Furio Truzzi, president of Asutenti, a consumer rights group, said in a statement last month. Pasta is a favorite food among Italians, Truzzi said, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last February raised the price of ingredients needed to make pasta. However, today the situation is different. Some input costs are reduced.

What did the biggest farmer union say?

Italy’s largest farmers’ union, Coldiretti, said these higher retail prices did not translate into higher revenues for durum wheat farmers. who were struggling to meet their expenses. Durum wheat is a popular wheat among Italian pasta makers. From May 2022, these prices have come down by 30 per cent. However, the farmers’ group said that while the price of durum wheat was similar across Italy, the wholesale price of pasta varied widely in different regions.

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