Amidst the retrenchment, Alibaba opened the box to give jobs to 15,000 people.

In times of retrenchment and recession, the Chinese company has given great relief to the people. Where on one hand companies are constantly firing people from jobs. At the same time, the Chinese e-commerce website Alibaba is planning to give jobs to thousands of people. Yes, Alibaba has recently announced that it will give jobs to 15000 people.

Lakhs of people have lost their jobs in the IT sector in the last 6 months. But in the meantime, there are many companies which have come as a messiah for the people in times of trouble.

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Golden opportunity for fresh graduates

According to Weibo’s report, Chinese e-commerce website Alibaba told that it will recruit 15000 people for its 6 major business divisions. The company told that during this time it will be a special opportunity for the fresh graduates of the college. Because the company will recruit 3 thousand people from fresh graduates. At the same time, the company has described the process of firing the employees by the company as a ‘rumour’. The company said that it was a normal flow.

Thousands of employees were again shown the way out

E-com website Alibaba has recently shown the way out to thousands of employees before hiring. Let us tell you, the Chinese company has decided to fire thousands of employees. According to media reports, the company wants to reduce 7% of its total workforce. The company has taken this decision under restructuring. Due to the global recession, Alibaba is cutting its expenses. However, the company has termed its decision to reduce its workforce as a ‘rumour’. The company said that this is a normal procedure. The company will soon give jobs to thousands of people.

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