Satna. A unique case has come to light in MP’s Satna, where a bride went for the exam in a red pair before parting. The families of the bride and groom have also given priority to education. Not only this, the groom also waited for his bride for about 5 hours.

Actually, this matter is related to Maruti Nagar of the city where Shivani Tripathi (25), daughter of resident Vashishtha Muni Tripathi, is married to Abhishek Payasi (28), son of Biratnagar Pateri Satyanarayan Payasi. The procession reached a private palace in Maruti Nagar with great fanfare on May 10, where the bride and groom took seven rounds.

The bride’s farewell was to be held on the morning of May 11, but the bride’s contract was for class 2 examination. The families of both the bride and groom agreed to give this test. Before the farewell ceremony, the bride reached Aditya Mahavidyalaya at around 7:00 am wearing a red dress and gave a complete exam of 3 hours from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Bid farewell after giving the exam.

The interesting thing is that before the farewell, the bride went for the exam and for more than 5 hours, the groom Abhishek Tripathi and the in-laws kept waiting for the bride to return. When the bride returned to the wedding venue after giving the exam, her farewell ceremony was completed. ,

Mother-in-law had already decided.

Bride Shivani Tripathi says that she is very happy about the exam and the family has fully supported her. Her husband and in-laws had said that first exam then farewell. Told that everything was done in a hurry in the marriage. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had already decided everything that the examination would be held first and after that the farewell ceremony would be held.

The daughter-in-law should be encouraged.

Groom Abhishek Payasi says that we were married on 10th May and farewell was to be held on 11th May. Wife Shivani’s contract class 2 exam was on 11th May, before that we and our family gave priority to education first. Our message to the people is that we should encourage both the daughter and daughter-in-law of the house for education.

After seven rounds, the bride gave the test in a red pair, waiting for the farewell, the groom also appeared first on the fire.


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